Jewelry Care

Chris Anderson Jewelry
  • All copper and brass jewelry items have been coated with a clear protective finish so no need to use a polish cloth or any other metal cleaning metal cleaning techniques.
  • Put on jewelry after all cosmetic sprays have been applied.
  • Jewelry should be removed prior to swimming, bathing or doing household chores which involve the use of abrasive cleaners or chemicals.
  • It is also not advised to clean jewelry products with abrasive cleaning products to restore pieces, doing so may damage the jewelry.
  • Contact us privately to use our repair service or professional ultrasonic cleaning equipment for a deeper and safer cleaning of jewelry pieces.
  • After constant wearing wipe with soft lint free cloth.
  • Store jewelry in a jewelry box/container or zip lock bag to prevent scratches.
  • Copper and brass are from Chile.
  • Handmade glass beads are from Czech Republic.
  • Brass beads from Greece.
  • Genuine leather from India.
  • Glass cabachon stones from USA.