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Chris Anderson Jewelry

My name is Chris Anderson and I live in the most southern Island of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago, where I operate and manage my own jewelry studio. I am happily married to my beautiful wife Nicole for over 29 years and together we have built this amazing jewelry company.

I design jewelry sets by sketching over long hours and as the various drawings emerge before me I am always drawn to familiar constructions. I therefore try to look for newness within these shapes, forms and ideas that haunt my work.

I have a strong need to create, without its pleasure I could not exist. It is like a form of important nutrient. It provides excitement, change and self fulfilment. With jewelry, I particularly like the longevity the metal affords and I always enjoy contrubiting in a conscious way with my own eclectic mix to our global culture. It is always an honour for customers to connect with my pieces and I enjoy all compliments.

Hey, I also do Professional Photography. You can check out my photography website for landscape,seascape,culture and wedding photos for purchase at www.caribbeanphotoart.com.

All your opinions are valuable to me, so please leave behind your feelings. Thanks for stopping by, Chris A.

Chris Anderson Jewelry