Nah Bird copper & brass, necklace & earrings jewelry set
Nah Bird copper & brass, necklace & earrings jewelry set
Chris Anderson Copper & Brass Jewellery Set
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Jah Bird Necklace & Earrings Jewellery Set


Get this elegant, earthy, handmade Jah Bird Necklace & Earrings Jewelry Set to enhance the stylish look you've chosen for your next event. This jewelry set is made using the finest copper and brass materials. It's the perfect wedding gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift or even Christmas gift for your special someone, daughter, mother, aunt, sister, co-worker or best friend.

You won't find this unique handmade jewelry set anywhere else as it is exclusive to Chris Anderson Jewelry. Easily stand out of the crowd or make a unique impression.

Our customers come from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations. From Miami, Florida; New York, New York; and Los Angeles, California; to Seattle, Washington; Chicago, Illinois; Austin, Texas; Toronto, Canada and London, UK; our customers have told us how much they love our handmade jewelry. 

Alternatively, you can order our handmade beaded necklace for just US $47 extra. Simply select seed bead style from the options above. We've got limited stock available, order now! Product photography by ChrisAndersonPhotography.