Bundle Discount: Get 15% OFF Elegant Hand-Crafted Jewelry Sets

Bundle Discount: Get 15% OFF Elegant Hand-Crafted Jewelry Sets

Our customers come from countries such as Canada, USA, Jamaica, Barbados, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland), France, Italy and Trinidad and Tobago to cities such as Paris, Rome, London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham (UK), New York, Toronto, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Texas, Kingston, Bridgetown and Port of Spain. Our jewelry sets are loved by many.

Get 15% OFF when you order three jewelry sets and use the coupon code: 


Hurry, because this cool bundle discount expires on April 30th 2018.

The minimum purchase to redeem this jewelry discount is $242.00 or three jewelry sets. Browse our catalog and select the sets you love most or the sets that you think make the best jewelry gift for someone in your life.

Our jewelry sets make the perfect birthday gift.

Manufactured in the sunny Caribbean nation, Trinidad and Tobago; our elegant, hand-crafted bracelets, necklaces, earrings and brooches are perfect for any occasion.

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"Absolutely beautiful!!" - Josanne Mitchell

"Wow! amazing work as usual Chris" - Little Organic Thalassotherapy

"I don't know which to choose!!!!! I'm really liking this..." - Cherry-Ann James

"I LOVE THESE.. you can send some hints for my birthday" - Sarah Lisa Inglefield

"Bought it! Love it!" - Cindi Taylor

"I just bought this piece during my recent trip to Trinidad! Already received quite a few compliments! Love it!" - Gillian Barry Jones‬

"Extraordinary pieces" - Nicole Cheng Wing

"Beautiful!!" - Jennifer Jemmott-Senn

"Hi, I just discovered you from your photos. What a gem you are" - Maven Huggins

"Love the bracelet, got it from my sister for xmas" - Gia Sam

"Finally got this chain for Christmas and it looks even better in person!" - Lynn Seucharan

"Lovely!" - Lynn Seucharan

"Just got this necklace for my 50th birthday from my parents. Love it!" - Bev Blanchard Holt

"Tikasingh Amazing work!!!!!!!!!! Do you give classes?" - Allison Sammy

"Pan, hibiscus and turtle bracelets.." - Maven Huggins

"Beautiful" - Niylar Sonnylal Beharry

"GORGEOUS" - Racquel Camacho

"Very pretty" - Anne Lezama

"Beautiful.....such your work...." - Suzette Garanito

"Lovely work, as always" - Alan Rajkumar-Maharaj

"So beautiful! I have a really old necklace with a pan man - think it was a Chris Anderson piece. Still love it" - Yasmin Nanan

"My word, what beauty!" - Jo-Anne S. Ferreira

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