Top 4 Healing Benefits of Wearing Copper / Brass Jewelry

Top 4 Healing Benefits of Wearing Copper / Brass Jewelry

Copper has been worn since ancient times and is known for providing many healing benefits to the wearer, both internally and externally. Not only is it one of the most electrically conductive metals, it's also known to bring peacefulness to the wearer by eliminating negative influences.

When copper is worn, the minerals are slowly absorbed by the skin. You might also be familiar with brass, which is commonly used to make jewelry, it is a blend of copper and zinc. Here are some of the top healing and metaphysical benefits of wearing copper:

1 - Natural Antimicrobial and Antibacterial, it has an inherent ability to kill harmful microbes very quickly, studies have shown that it is often within 2 hours or less.

2 - It's an essential mineral required for metabolic function. It's known to help reduce inflammation, arthritis, headaches, and improve digestions. It helps bring the the body back into alignment.

3 - Amplifies energy, it is an excellent conductor and helps stimulate the flow energy. It can be used to strengthen the energy of your thoughts and stones as well as help with channeling and multidimensional communication. It keeps the body in a stable state which helps achieve better results in meditation and yoga practice.

4 - Creates balance in the body. Metaphysically, it is known to assist in balancing the chakras and meridians. It helps bring in higher energies that will allow the cells to remember their original state of perfection.

Since ancient times, yogis have been known to wear copper rings, bracelets and anklets even though they shunned other material possessions including jewelry. They would also store their water in copper tumblers to infuse the water with it's minerals and remove impurities.

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5月 04, 2020

Lovely blog!! Love brass jewelry and have a collection of it as well. have a look

5月 04, 2020

Which finger is better to wear brass ring to bring good results

5月 04, 2020

Which finger is better to wear brass ring to bring good results

2月 01, 2019

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